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I know I haven’t posted lately, but life has been insanely busy. I thought I would get back into working on my blogs.

I thought with this entry I would make a post about some aviation software I have been using lately. One of my passions is flying general aviation, and I have recently gotten an apple iPad. One of the first pieces of software I found was called ForeFlight Mobile.

Using this app, I am able to do all my pre-flight planning, as well as simplify and keep things more organized in the cockpit. ForeFlight allows me to leave my paper charts in the bag (as a backup in case the battery dies). The app allows you to download your charts so that you can have all your VFR Sectionals, IFR High & Low enroute charts, as well as your approach plates, all at the touch of your fingers.

Below is an example of a screen shot from the A/FD part of the app. This is nice when you have to divert to an airport. No more flipping through pages of the A/FD or Approach Plates looking for the airport.


Looking at a charts are nice and easy, with being able to zoom in or drag it around and pan. No more folding charts, no flipping the chart around trying to find where you are.

Same thing with the High and Low Enroute Charts.

When you get to your destination, dealing with your approach plates has never been easier.
Just like with the enroute charts you can zoo. In on your plates, making them easier, plus no worry about them flipping closed by accident.

When gathering your pre-flight planning you are able to get all kinds of imagery and other weather information as well as NOTAMs and TFR’s. Granted you need an Internet connection, but considering how many FBOs these days have free wifi, I have never had an issue getting an Internet connection.

The software does require a subscription which is either a three months or one year at a time.

The three month plan is $24.99 and the one year plan is $74.99 a year. Every time there are new chart updates put out, you are notified when you start the app, allowing you to keep the most up to date charts, without having to remember when to get new charts.

For some who don’t fly very often this may seem expensive, but for me I fly a couple times a month, and to me, beats some of the more expensive paper based subscription services.

Over all, I think that ForeFlight makes a great package that turns an iPad into a very versatile Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)


Well I went flying for the second time by myself the other day.  Great fun.   I was supposed to go up at 8:00am but couldn’t get the engine to turn over cause of how cold out it was. 

I gave up around 8:30 since I thought that there was going to be another flight right after mine, but I was wrong.  

My instructor got to the airport and told me that the guy after me had cancled.  This left the plane for my use till 11:00.

I got the plane to start, taxi’d over fuel’d and then proceded over to Rwy 1, did a run-up, and then was cleared by the Tower to take off.  

I went up and did 5 touch and go’s plus one full stop when I came back into land the final time.  On one of the approaches I threw a camera up on top of the instrument panel and started to record the approach.  

Not the best one but still looks pretty good.  

Check back as I am getting farther along and will be adding new content more regularly.  

I am hoping to go up again next weekend and to at somepoint soon start knocking out my cross country flights.  


Check back soon!  Happy Landings!


Well I thought I was going to solo Today but we had a friend coming into town and so I looked at the forcast Friday night for the forecast on Saturday and it was saying it would clear and light winds in the morning with the weather getting crappier later in the day. Called up my instructor to see if he could change it to today, and so we changed it to this morning. 
This morning the weather was 

KGMU 101353Z 00000KT 10SM FEW046 05/M02 A3021 

This translates to:

Airport – Greenville Downtown Airport
Time of Observation – January 10 13:53 zulu (8:53 am Eastern)
Winds – Calm
Visibility – 10 Statute Miles
Clouds – Few @ 4600
Temp – 5* Celsius
Dewpoint – -2* Celcius
Altimiter – 3021


Runways here at GMU are 1/19 and 10/28 

I get to the airport and preflight the A/C (a 152). A/C checked out just fine. Taxied it over got some fuel from the pumps, and then taxied over to the by the school to pick up my instructor. 

He got in, we called up Ground and they told us to taxi to Rwy 19. I taxied us to Rwy 19, did a runup and waited for a plane ahead of us to depart. 

We were giving clearance to take off. Proceeded onto the runway and took off. Climbed to pattern alt. and did 7 mostly uneventful touch and go’s with the instructor. 

On the 7th landing did a full stop, taxied over to the flight school, and my instructor hopped out, told me to go do 3 Touch ‘n’ Goes. 

Called up Ground requested taxi for takeoff. Taxi’d over do the runway, had to hold short to wait for an aircraft to come in. Once they landed I was cleared out onto the runway. I lined up on the centerline, did one last check of my instruments, applied full power and away I went. 

Climbed to pattern altitude, and flew right traffic for Rwy 19. It was incredible. Second time around the pattern had to do an extended crosswind because of some other inbound traffic, and then on the third time around I had to do an extended downwind so that the tower could get some other people off the ground. 

Looking forward to getting more time in the pattern so I can get my cross countries done. 

My Instructor and I after my flightMy instructor and I after my flight.  I’m the one on the left

Self taken picture while waiting for clearance onto
Runway 19 for the first time by myself

My shirt-tail.  It is a tradtion that when a pilot solo’s he gets his shirt tail cut.  
This is mine hanging on the wall at the Flight School.

One step closer to my license.  I am no looking forward to working on knocking out my solo time and working on my planning and completing my solo cross countries.  After that I have my check ride practice, and then my checkride.  

Check back often as my training will be going much quicker now and can not wait to share the story. 


Well I am finally getting my medical on Monday. Looking forward to solo’ing shortly after that. Hopefully the weather will be cooperating over the next couple weeks.


This weekend my Wife and I went to the BMW plant in Greer to hang out with some friends of ours at the European Auto Show.  One of our friends Stephen entered his car in the show and got 3rd place for his class of car (I forget which model it was, all I know is it was a BMW.  (I will be adding pictures later) 

With some very cool cars out there it was definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday! I will hopefully be posting some pictures soon.


This blog is one I have created mainly to play around with WordPress and see what I think of it.   I have been using blogger for quite a while now to do the blog for my company – ITG Networking.  (Check that one out  This blog will be primarily about myself, my wife, and our hobbies.  

I will probably blog about aviation, technology, and whatever else I feel like talking about. When it comes to my wife’s hobbies and interests I will be talking alot about our home – Greenville, SC where we have lived for the past year and absolutely love.  I will also be talking about her interest of animals and helping people and the world.  


Hope people will enjoy and continue to read this blog.